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Separating Couples Mediation

Mediation is particularly appropriate and effective for families in dispute it can assist and help resolve differences which occur during marital breakdown, custody issues, contact disputes, disagreements over the division of assets and all kinds of issues that can arise in a family.

Launching a family mediation initiative in Dublin District Court Family Law Office in 2011 Former Chief Justice Mr. Justice John Murray.

“In most cases, issues arising from family breakdown are most likely to be best resolved through mutual agreement. Mediation, particularly in advance of the ‘locking of horns’ in legal proceedings, is of primary importance in this regard”.  

Here are a few reasons why you should consider Mediation if you are involved in a family dispute: 

  1. Mediation is private and confidential meaning no-one outside the mediation will have any information or details on matters discussed. 
  2. Family Mediation can play an incredibly positive and important role in the needs of the children. 
  3. Family conflict can be deeply upsetting and extremely stressful – Mediation is designed to reduce conflict and can promote well-being and be restorative.
  4. Imposed outcomes made by the courts in Family disputes can often lead to further conflict, stress, and compliance issues, the mediation route while it does not guarantee these will not happen, keeping the decision making to both parties can seriously reduce parties not honouring the agreements made. 
  5. Mediation gives the parties the opportunity to fully explain their position, so everyone knows where they stand, it gives each party a voice in the process to speak and be heard in a safe environment. 
  6. Your family has its own individual needs and circumstances, these can be incorporated into a mediated settlement agreement, so making sure it works for your family’s want’s and need’s which can be legally or non-legally binding once agreed by both parties.