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Mediation Coaching

All Coaching no matter what you are practising is first and foremost a “Partnership” between the Coach and Client.

Life Coaching is a one-on-one process and most importantly is not counselling, it does not focus on the past, but an individual’s present and future wants and needs. The process empowers and helps individuals to discover non-productive behavioural patterns, figuring out the things that need to be done or the presence of things that need to be done for effective change. It’s about moving forward and finding the journey you want to be on, bringing changes and improvements to your quality of life. Weather it is for professional or personal growth.

Conflict Coaching is an area where individuals get the opportunity to work through how they deal with and respond to conflict. Not everyone is comfortable or can engage with conflict, this process works through different skills, strategies that can be used to support people’s ability to engage, manage or productively resolve conflict. In this process, the coach works one-on-one with the individual to talk through the conflict, considering options for managing the conflict internally and externally. This process can be used in the workplace, separating couples, community disputes, family disagreements or business conflicts. Getting each party to discuss and break down the issues and the role they play in the conflict.

Career Coaching is a practise of giving the individual the skills to assess their career and education, enabling them to make informed positive changes so they can control the journey they are on. Through the coaching you receive unbiased feedback, the objective of this feedback is to partner with the individual to bring out creative, thought-provoking changes to help them maximise their professional and personal potential. The changes and impact come from within the client’s determination and drive to achieve their desired goals.

Mediation Coaching having an insight into the process of Mediation and a clear plan before you head in can be a great strategy for enabling the parties to come to an agreement, move forward and past the challenges they are facing. It can be daunting, and this process prepares you to put your best self and case forward. Having a clear understanding will give you the opportunity to focus on what you need to happen instead of worrying about the process. Taking out the conflict and looking at what needs to happen for each party in order to expedite the process, this will also save time and money.