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Family Mediation

Mediation gives families the opportunity to resolve difficult situations by exploring possible solutions, giving the opportunity to develop the best plan for the whole family

Here are a few reasons why you should consider Mediation if you are involved in a family dispute: 

  1. Mediation is private and confidential so no-one outside the process will know your private family business. 
  2. Family conflict can be deeply upsetting and extremely stressful – Mediation is designed to reduce conflict, stress, and promote well-being and resolution. 
  3. Imposed outcomes in Family disputes can often lead to further conflict and compliance issues. 
  4. Mediation gives the parties the opportunity to fully explain their position, so everyone knows where they stand. 
  5. Your family has its own individual needs and circumstances, these can be incorporated into a mediated agreement. 
  6. Mediation can help with Sibling Disputes, Extended Family, and Parent issues that are unresolved leading to conflict and a breakdown in the relationships. 

Homeless (parent, teen relationship breakdown)

Relationship breakdown is the biggest cause of homelessness between parents and teens. A large proportion of those becoming homeless through relationship breakdown are young people who conflict with their parent(s). The Irish courts recommend the use of mediation as a tool that can help improve family relationships and resolve conflict, which may prevent escalating conflict.  

Mediation offers an opportunity for difficult issues to be talked about constructively in a safe place. Everyone has the chance to have their say, be listened to and treated as equals. A mediator is an impartial third party who helps the parties come to an agreement for the future that everyone is happy with. 

As a result, of the agreement the young person may:

  • Stay at home, the family having agreed ways to live together and communicate what everyone is happy with.
  • Return home if they have been living elsewhere due to the issues.

Renewed communication and restored relationships will mean that the young person receives vital support from their family after moving out. Ongoing, informal support can be a lifeline for a young person living independently for the first time. 

Mediation between tenants and landlords can also be effective in preventing homelessness. It can resolve issues such as rent arrears, conditions of lease and repairs and maintenance of properties. 

‘Homelessness mediation’ is sometimes referred to as ‘Mediation between young people and their families’, ‘Intergenerational mediation’ or just ‘Family mediation’.

This is because mediation can be highly effective in helping parents and teenagers to sort out disagreements and improve their relationship, even when potential homelessness is not an issue. In fact, it is a great way to act early and prevent conflict from escalating to the stage when leaving home is on the table. 

Things do not have to be at crisis point for mediation to be beneficial.