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Elder Mediation

We are all getting older! 

More and more of us are living longer.  And as we live longer, we and our families are faced with issues and problems to be discussed and resolved.  Elder mediation enables individuals and their families to have important conversations and to make decisions that reflect the needs of all, with an emphasis on the quality of life of the older person.”

Elder Mediation is a growing area.  Issues surrounding older members of our families are difficult to articulate and awkward to broach.  However if these issues are allowed to fester they can cause resentments, misunderstandings and leave family units ill-prepared for the needs of their aging members. 

It can be a very hard time when parents or grandparents need family to step in and help with future decisions and Elder Mediation is a way to do this. This type of mediation can help settle disputes between siblings and other relatives when a parent or grandparent requires care

The important thing to remember is that the elder is in control of the mediation and dictates the agreement outcome.